Malinga thinks Madushanka deserves second chance

Lasith Malinga, one of the best star cricketers in the country, also the captain of the T20 team. has stood by Shehan Madushanka as part of his responsibilities.

Malinga thinks Madushanka deserves second chance

Shehan Madushanka, a 25-year-old Sri Lankan fast bowler, was caught while they were driving with another man in the town of Pannala in Sri Lanka during a curfew on Sunday (May 24th). Later, 2.5 grams of heroin was seized from Madushanka.

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Within four days, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) banned Madushanka from all formats of cricket with immediate effect for alleged possession of heroin. The Sri Lankan board will take the next decision based on the court’s verdict. But before that, Madushanka is getting captain Malinga by his side.

As he is only 25 years old, Malinga sees a lot of possibilities in him in the future. As a result, the Sri Lankan legend has offered rehabilitation instead of any major punishment against Madushanka. According to him, everyone deserves a second chance.

“Madushanka is a long term investment who would be an asset to the nation,” Malinga told the Sri Lankan daily Daily News. “We need to find out the real reasons behind him using drugs. It may be an escape to his personal problems but this is not the only and the best solution for it.”

Malinga added,

“The drug user might already be going through a difficult phase and might want to stop using drugs but the addiction and our system might have made it difficult for him to come forward and say that he needs help. We should rehabilitate him and guide him on the right path. He is just 25 years old and may have fallen into wrong friendship and relationship which could also be the reason.”

However, Malinga did not say whether the punishment would be waived for violating the country’s laws. According to him, there should be punishment under the drug law, but there should also be a system to get it back on track. So that 25-year-old Madushanka can play for the Sri Lankan team again.

“Madushanka should be punished according to the law of our country but while punishing him, we should create the right path to his life. After all the legal procedures are over, we have to keep him at least three years at Khettarama High Performance Centre, distancing him from others and take what he has to offer for Sri Lanka. Everybody goes through tough times. We have to help him and his family,” the 36-year old Lankan pacer said.

The talented fast bowler had earlier got a place in the Sri Lankan team in the tri-nation ODI series against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in Dhaka in 2018. Where he got the status of hat-trick in his debut against Bangladesh. But after that he’s not seen in the national team again.

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