Match fixing players are working with PCB: Mohammad Asif

Mohammad Asif was one of the best fast bowlers of Pakistan during the mid-2000s. But his involvement in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal incident led to an early departure for him from international cricket.

Match fixing players are working with PCB: Mohammad Asif

It was 2010, he played international match for last time. He got an opportunity to play first-class cricket again but he didn’t pick for the national team again.

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During an interview with ESPNcricinfo, he talked about his career. He was asked, if he had ever regret to end his career like the way it did. The 37 years old grief and replied that it could end in a befitting manner. But unfortunately things went wrong.

“Of course, my ambition was to finish my career on a better note and I do have regrets. But that’s a different story. I think whatever happened it had to happen and that’s okay. Everyone has regrets in their life and a few want to talk about them, but I think I am fine. Everyone makes mistakes and I did too,” Asif told ESPNcricinfo.

He told that there are many players who fixed before him are currently working with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), but he didn’t get a second chance to rise from ashes and prove his worth. Although he is not hung up to the past, he cleared it too.

“Players had been indulging in fixing before me [in 2010] and even after me. But those before me are working with PCB and there are few after me still playing. Everyone was given a second chance and there are few who never got the same treatment [as me]. PCB never tried to save me regardless of the fact that I am the kind of bowler who was highly regarded by everyone in the world. But anyway I’m not sitting around brooding about the past or hung up on it,”

he added.

The fast bowler becomes very happy whenever great players praise him highly. As a part he counts that as an achievement from all these what happened. Recently Kevin Pietersen told that Mohammad Asif is the toughest bowlers he ever faced and that statement pleases Asif.

“What happened is history. However much I played in my career, I made it count, duniya hila ke rakh de thi (I shook up the world). That is more important for me to think about. Even today, so many years later, the best batsmen in the world still remember me and they talk about me. Just think how big the impact was that I had on the world. So this is what makes me proud – that there is a reason KP, AB de Villiers, Hashim Amla talk highly about me. That is what makes me happy,” Asif said.

Asif played 23 Tests, 38 ODIs and 11 T20Is between 2005 and 2010.

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