MCC takes u-turn over ‘mankad’ dismissal

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), who is the upholder of cricket’s on-field laws has overturned its own interpretation of this week’s IPL ‘Mankad’ controversy and declared it contrary to the spirit of the game.

“My father regretted it, he obviously wished it would not have happened. But at the time, he felt that it was the only course of action left, because Brown refused to heed warnings. When I met Bill Brown just before he passed away in Australia, he said he was fine. He said to me what Vinoo did was well within the rules. No bitterness, they actually parted as friends. The entire Australian team stood by my father.”
Just a day ago, MCC gave its verdict on the mankad dismissal and said it was within the laws of cricket and Ravichandran Ashwin represented ethical behaviour.

However, one day later,  after closer examination of footage from the match, the game’s law-makers have now pronounced the action as “unfair” and contrary to the Spirit of Cricket.

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MCC laws manager Fraser Stewart told

“Having extensively reviewed the incident again and after further reflection we don’t think it was within the spirit of the game. We believe the pause was too long between the time Ashwin reached the crease and the moment it was reasonable to expect the ball would be delivered.”

“When Buttler could have reasonably expected the ball to be delivered, he was in his ground. It is also unfair, and against the Spirit of Cricket, for non-strikers to leave their ground too early. All these debates wouldn’t be necessary if non‑strikers remained in their ground until the ball is on its way down the pitch,” he added.

According to Stewart, Ashwin waited too long for Buttler to leave the ground rather than go straight and bowl the delivery. It was against the spirit of the game and thus, MCC has changed its verdict.

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