McDermott gives credit to BCB for innovative ideas among pandemic

Sri Lankan fielding coach Shane McDermott is happy to learn that new innovations are being used by different countries to find cricket talent.

McDermott gives credit to BCB for innovative ideas among pandemic
Shane McDermott, Sri Lankan fielding coach

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) came up with an ingenious idea for conducting cricket trials to recruit fresh blood to the team. The BCB is now taking trials of aspiring cricketers over the popular messaging app, WhatsApp to reduce social contact between players and coaches.

“It’s great to see countries who are suffering continuing to provide hope for young aspirational players through different initiatives…finding ways to continue to grow and develop players and the game in the current pandemic is challenging so full credit to the BCB for giving it a crack,”

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McDermott, who is an administrator of the WhatsApp group of the Sri Lankan players, said exclusively.

“Obviously the most important part of this growth will be finding ways for the players (youth and senior) to play! This will be a challenge but I’m sure once we all understand the simplicity of having players tested and placed in a bubble, we can all start to get back to doing what we love most.”

COVID can’t rule our lives

“We can’t let Covid rule our lives…it’s not going anywhere so we need to be brave to give things a go to ensure the community and people playing and working in the game are given hope in a sport that has the ability to restart the world!” he signed off.

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