McKenzie mentions ‘Liverpool’ to define problem of Bangladesh team

“After watching the cricketers, I realized that when we were at top we only thought of the above. And when the bad times come, we sink completely into despair. I try to have Russell (Domingo) of the coaching staff to keep the level of the players emotional,” Neil McKenzie said this while talking about his observations on Bangladesh cricket.

McKenzie mentions 'Liverpool' to define problem of Bangladesh team

Good times are much good and bad times are much bad – it’s such a big problem. What is the solution? What are the coaching staff members in Bangladesh doing to get out of this situation? – These questions come from McKenzie’s words.

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In reply McKenzie said it was not really a problem. Basically in all the games of the world it can be happened, “Look, this is not really a problem. And if the problem is to say it, then to be honest, it is a problem for all sports in the world, not just Bangladesh cricket. All the sports personalities of the world have to face it.”

The Tigers’ batting coach pulled the example of English football club Liverpool to explain the matter better at the time. McKenzie reminded Liverpool’s loss to Watford as a shining example. Liverpool lost against weak Watford some days ago after they remained unbeaten in 44 matches.

“If you talk about Liverpool, they had not lost a match in the long run (44 matches); But all on a sudden, a team from the bottom (Watford) gave them three goals. We really have to understand, this is cricket. It’s easier said than done.”

So what’s the solution? According to McKenzie, “Your personality will not be on the scoreboard. You have to get runs. At the same time, you have to be a good teamman, and also score a century. All international cricketers have to agree with it.

“As part of a coach or team management, we try to control the emotions of the players. As a mature cricketer, you have to find ways that work for you. Because failure is more than success in cricket. Everyone has their own style, we coaches just try to keep it simple.”

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