McMillan pleased with BCB’s strategy to resume cricket

After the sudden departure of Bangladesh former batting coach Neil McKenzie, former New Zealand batting coach Craig McMillan has been appointed as the batting consultant for upcoming Sri Lanka series. The newly appointed coach has expressed his excitement and gratitude to work with Bangladesh Tigers.

McMillan pleased with BCB's strategy to resume cricket

McMillan has revealed that, building relationships with the players rather than making wholesale changes, will be his new role as Bangladesh’s batting consultant. He insisted that he wouldn’t go for technical changes rather than the conceptual development.

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“One of the first things that I have to do is develop a relationship with the players,” McMillan told ESPNcricinfo. “I am really looking forward to doing that. I know a few players through New Zealand playing against Bangladesh but not that well. I certainly won’t be coming in and changing any techniques. It won’t be the first thing I do. It will be more about just adding little things to their game plans, and adding those things that will bring success.

Bangladesh is scheduled to play a three match Test series against Sri Lanka in October. McMillan will be there in the whole series as the batting coach. The former NZ coach has already planned his strategy for the test series.

“I certainly believe that quality Test match batting is about having a solid defence first and foremost, one that you trust and believe in, and then the ability to make good decisions for a long period of time. So if you can do that, you can get in the battle with the bowler and playing the right shots at the right time is key to being successful in Test match cricket.”

McMillan has expressed his consent with BCB’s plan to resume cricket. He believes that, a campaign would be greatly beneficial for the Tigers as they will be on the field after a long period of break. The newly appointed coach feels that peepation will be most important for the series.

“I think it’s an excellent idea by the BCB to have a good three-week preparation getting into that [first] Test match. So much downtime and not a lot of cricket being played in the last six or seven months, I think the preparation is going to be important heading into the Sri Lanka series.”



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