Meet a 12-year old boy who picked waste to go to watch Ashes

Max Waight, a 12-year old boy from the down under worked hard for four years saving pocket money to fulfill his dreams of watching Ashes in England.

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The touchy story revealed afterwards when Max was seen travelling in the Australian team bus to Old Trafford to watch the ongoing series.

“I sat next to Steve Waugh, Justin Langer, and Nathan Lyon. Justin Langer showed me the plan book which was amazing to see all his notes and talking to Steve Waugh was amazing too,” Max said as quoted by

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Max started nurturing the dream of travelling to United Kingdom to watch Ashes when he had seen Australia conquering the World Cup in 2015 on their home soil.

But it never be easy for Max’s family to go to England. His father, Damien then promised him that if he could collect AUD 1500, he would take Max to UK to watch the ancient rivalry.

For the kid, raising AUD 1500 was quite improbable. Max sat with his mother to make a plan. Together they came up to the decision of taking neighbor’s rubbish bins in every weekend with a charge of single Australian dollar per household.

Max wrote a letter to all his neighbours, offering the service. The young land carried his waste management journey for four long years. Sometimes his younger brother and his parents also helped him when Max fall ill.

Max’s perseverance made fruits, he at last, was able to save the required the money. Father kept his promise as well and took the entire family to England to watch the ongoing fourth Ashes Test in Manchester.

“When I said it, I had to follow through. If he saved up the money I was not going to let him down,” quoted Damien as saying.

“You do not fast forward in your mind at the start and think you are going to do it but it is good that we are here. It is an amazing experience, we have got our whole family and another close family that we are friends with. We are just making memories,” he added.

An enthusiastic Max said, “Steve Smith and Pat Cummins are my favourites. I got to talk to them about how they prepare and play the game. It was very enjoyable.”



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