Mickey Arthur terms Aussies ‘arrogant’

Former Australian coach Mickey Arthur, now working with Pakistan national team, evaporated his fumes over Australian cricket culture in general and thrown out words that such an incident (ball tampering) was becoming inevitable with the progression of the time.

Mickey Arthur terms Aussies 'arrogant'

Terming Australians as ‘arrogant’, Arthur said, “Unfortunately, it was always going to end like this.”

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“Despite generational change, independent reviews and too many behavioral spot fires to list, Cricket Australia and the national team had demonstrated no real willingness or desire to improve the culture within their organization from season to season.

“That could lead to only one conclusion. An explosion. A deterioration of standards that would culminate in an incident so bad, so ugly, that it would shame the leaders of the organization into taking drastic action… ” he said.

“The Aussies have played the victim when they deem the other team has overstepped the mark. And when they’ve been in the ascendancy and behaved badly, everything is okay because they have determined as much.”

“An incident like this had to happen for the necessary cultural shift to take place. Australian cricket has been in an ivory tower for too long,” he said.

“They had to take decisive action. If they didn’t, things would inevitably return to the way they had been and another major incident would’ve been inevitable. The job to repair the damage to the Australian cricket brand is underway.

“By doing so, Cricket Australia might just improve the tone and standard of the way the game is played around the world,” Arthur ended.

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