Misbah offers ‘bizarre’ way for bowlers to stop using saliva

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is changing the rules of cricket due to coronavirus. To increase the brightness of the red ball in Tests, bowlers used saliva or spit in their mouths and rub the ball with their trousers.

Misbah offers 'bizarre' way for bowlers to stop using saliva

But due to coronavirus, saliva can no longer be used. The ICC Cricket Committee has already sent its recommendations to the Executive Committee. It will pass very soon.

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Will it reduce the use of saliva? The use of saliva or body sweat may not be completely stopped. Can long-term habits be changed? Because of this, Pakistan’s current coach and chief selector Misbah-ul-Haq has come up with a bizarre proposal to avoid the coronavirus infection.

Incumbent Pakistan coach Misbah-ul-Haq offered to play with the masks in bowler’s face to avoid any untoward situation.

“It is not possible to suddenly stop the practice for so many days. Some may inadvertently use saliva. A method can be used to stop it.”

He added, “So bowlers should wear masks while bowling. It may not be possible to use saliva by wearing masks.”

Misbah thinks Pakistan’s pacers will have the most problems. Because, Pakistani bowlers rely on reverse swing. That’s why Misbah said, “Our bowlers always try to keep the weight on one side of the ball with the help of saliva. When the ball is old, it turns towards that side. Now let’s see how the bowlers will adapt.”

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