Mosaddek also gets married after Rahi

Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, a young all-rounder of the Bangladesh national cricket team, got married after another cricketer Abu Jayed Rahi got married a few days ago. Cricketers are spending unwanted lazy time at home as the game is closed due to corona. In the meantime, Mosaddeq started a new innings of life following the health issues and rules.

Mosaddek also  gets married after Rahi

The 24-year-old cricketer’s wife’s name is Umme Tamanna. Like Mosaddeq, he is a resident of Mymensingh. Due to Corona, the formality of the marriage was not very good. The marriage ceremony was held on Friday (July 10) with people close to the families of the two parties.

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This is Mosaddeq’s second marriage. Mosaddeq was married to his cousin Samia Sharmin in 2012. However, the relationship did not last long due to bilateral tensions. A case was also filed in the name of Mosaddeq for not getting along with Sharmin. Saikat is one of the top cricketers in the country who has suffered a lot in the false case of abuse of women and children. He later broke up with his first wife.

Mosaddeq, however, is confident of building a bright future by learning from the past. In an interview with BDCrictime a few days ago, he said,

“Five fingers of a human hand are not equal. Life is not always the same. The problem is in everyone’s life. There will be good times and bad times along the way. This is very normal. Don’t think too much about these things. Everyone should look forward without thinking of the past. Someone’s personal matters should be left to him. At the end of the day, I have to decide. The problem is mine, I have to solve it.”

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