Mosaddek Hossain and the feature of an belligerent mother

Mosaddek Hossain and the feature of an belligerent mother It was at a very early stage when Mosaddek Hossain Saikat lost his father. With twin younger brothers of Mosaddek, his mother was all alone in the world to raise three tender aged children.

Mosaddek’s father Abul Kashem was a service holder in Mymensingh District Sports Association. He dreamt of getting his sons ready to be known as big cricketers and used to take them for practice with brand new bats, pads and boots.

But who knows the how quickly the happy times could fly away in one’s life! For Mosaddek’s contented little family, everything was shattered with the sudden death of their father Abul Kashem. It was in 2008.

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At that time, Mosaddek was a student of class eight and his twin two younger brothers Mosabber Hossain and Mosadder Hossain were reading in class seven.

Their mother took the vow of not letting to diminish the dream of his husband. She tried hard to keep things alive but nothing was easy for a lonesome woman to deal with.

Hosne Ara, the brave mother of Mosaddek Hossain, describing the story of struggle, said, ‘We had a little land. I sold that to admit my younger sons to BKSP. I was alone. It was not easy to sell a piece of land for me. I went through tremendous hardships.’

Mosaddek Hossain is now one of the shining youngsters in Bangladesh cricket. Hosne Ara said he always seeks the wishes from his mother before going to field.

“Whenever my son go for a match, he calls me and said me to pray for him,” she said.
Mosaddek is the idol of his younger brothers. They said both of them respected their elder brother like the way they did their father.

“We never went with bad company in fear lest someone tell our brother. Still we try to return home within 10 pm at night,” Mosabber said.

Both Mosabber Hossain and Mosadder Hossain has been playing cricket; they are showing all-round performance like their elder brother. One of them is playing for Sheikh Jamal in the domestic league and the other is in Kalabagan Krira Chakra.

When Hosne Ara was asked whether she dreams of watching all his sons playing wearing the national team jersey, she said, “Nobody in the world could be happier than me if that would happen someday.”

Some of the neighbors of Mosaddek’s family in Mymensingh praised the struggle of Hosne Ara with her children. “Many young children in the area went astray but Mosaddek and his brothers became successful for the strife of their mother,” they said.

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