Franchises engage in debate over PSL fortune

Multan and Lahore engage in debate over PSL fortune

If there was opportunity to play three more days, the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) would have ended. But before that, foreign players returned to their homeland because of the horror of coronavirus and the epidemic was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As a result, the PSL was suspended for the rest of the semifinal and final match. Under the current circumstances of the coronavirus, when exactly the rest of the tournament matches will be happened, the organizers do not know.

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However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wants to finish all matches this time before the sixth edition of the PSL. It will take as long as it takes. And it is because of their thinking that the teams of PSL are divided into two groups.

Although the coronavirus situation is expected to be normal, the PCB will not have a chance to host the PSL matches before next November due to the busyness of the international schedule. But there is again disagreement form the table topper Multan Sultans. However, the Lahore Qalandars who came in the top four for the first time agreed to wait.

According to PSL Bylaws, if the tournament is not finished for any reason, the top team in the group stage table will be declared as a champion. Multan wants to take this opportunity. Because they were at the top with 14 points in 10 matches in the group stage.

The bowling coach of the team, Mushtaq Ahmed, believes that the title will be handed over to them this time, according to Bylaws. The former Pakistan cricketer feels that this will be the end of the uncertain PSL.

He said,

“PSL needs to be properly finished this year. And that is when the top team of the group stage will be declared as a winner by the rules. And if the PCB doesn’t do that, the rest of the match is supposed to be played before the sixth season starts, then the motion of entire tournament will be lost.”

Same with the voice of Ali Tareen, owner of Multan franchise, “We haven’t talked to the management yet. After discussing with them, the final matches will be decided. However, our opinion is that it would not be realistic to arrange a new fixture for the rest of the matches. Then you have to see if foreign players will be available. Besides, if this is done before the sixth edition, will the players play in their new squad or will they play in the old squad? But the problem remains.”

The other three teams that made up the top four of the tournament are Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars and Peshawar Zalmi. For the first time, Lahore made the semifinal stage. In the previous four editions, they were on the bottom floor.

So Lahore do not want to miss the chance to win the title in this year’s competition. Rather, their hopes are delayed, but they want the remaining three matches will be played on the field. Multan Sultans will be the opponent of Lahore in the semifinals.

One of Lahore’s owner, Sameen Rana, said, “We have to talk, now everyone has to think in unison when the rest of the games can be finished. We believe in competition. Otherwise, playing cricket does not make sense. If the winner decides what happened in the group phase, then the game was not fun. Competitive play on the field makes cricket more attractive. Otherwise, the winner would have been determined by winning the toss in the field.”

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