Mushfiqur Rahim, the 'Virat Kohli' of Bangladesh?

He is someone with 5 ft 3 inch (1.60 meter)height, after seeing him for the first time someone’s impression would be like , ‘hey kid, what up?’ He is 24 now, but someone can hardly tell his age after having an abrupt look at him . He is one of the representatives of Bangladesh’s new era cricket. While he is in the field it seems like, he is the man in business all the time and wants to win the battle by himself all alone. Prominent cricket analyzer Roqibul Hasan once stated he is like a guy having the body of 24 year old boy but 45 year’s head. He is greatly known in the cricket arena for his ‘chattiness’ behind the wicket. He is Mushfiqur Rahim. Anyone who has been following him for the recent couple of years he is definitely going to admit that Mushi’s(nickname of Mushfiq) recent transformation in terms of his batting as well as his consolidation as a captain is very much noticeable. This seems to everyone like, having the responsibility of captaincy has just turned him on.

MushfiqueBangladesh Dashing Captain Mushfiqure Rahim was born on 1st September 1988 in a very affluent and reputed family of Bogra. He studied in Bogra Zilla School and he got admitted in the Bangladesh Institute of Sports named as BKSP. He then got himself admitted in Jahangirnagar University in history. He recently has passed masters in the respective subject. His coach at BKSP Mohammad Salahuddin once commented-“Musfique belongs to one of the most reputed families of his district. He could have had all the comfort in the world. Instead, he has decided to shape his life through hard work. His work ethic is exemplary, and he is absolutely single-minded about pursuing his goals – being successful in cricket and career. Mind you, he is academically very sound too.We have had individuals who have been far more talented than Rahim. But some have fallen by the wayside while others have not made the next leap forward. That is why he is different. He has not got distracted and hasn’t lost focus. His level of determination is much higher than the average trainee and he carries himself with dignity. He is very polite and disciplined. You won’t hear anything negative about him from anyone here.”

Mushfique’s debut in the international cricket was kind of unexpected. He went to England as an understudy. But because of his performance in the warm up matches he was adopted in the team. His 63 against Sussex and 115 not out against Northamptonshire was greatly praised by Wisden asserting, ‘Consistently playing late and straight.’ Although he played well in the two warm matches  there were not many reasons behind adopting a 16 year aged ‘child’ in the team, especially in the seaming condition of England. But someone who has any knowledge of the then Bangladesh cricket, he should know that’s not so surprising where players had a kind of ‘ideology’ of not being consistent. His ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2006 was incidental,too. He was taken in the world cup team in 2007 in place of the then best wicket-keeper of Bangladesh Khaled Masud Pilot. There were lots of talking regarding, his wicket-keeping ability was no where near Khaled Masud. He started to rationalize the criticisms with his bad wicket-keeping, but one thing he did prove and even made the critics saying, “this little lad can bat.” After watching his batting average of 32 in tests and around 26 in ODIs, someone would sneer at him and might say what’s there to praise so much about. But someone who has followed him for the recent couple of years would definitely say this guy has a great future ahead. His each innings includes a sense of responsibility, a penchant beauty in shot playing and a great ability to time the ball. For his calmness and sound technique he has become one of the biggest reliability in the sort of fragile Bangladesh batting lineup. Not only in the cricket field the way he manages the post presentation conversations and the international media this is kind of exemplary and new in Bangladesh cricket. Many cricket coaches often exemplify Mushfiq while teaching temperament to their students. Many cricket analysts found similarity of his calm batting style and energy in the cricket field with another talented young cricketer and someone who is thought to be the future of the Indian cricket- ‘Virat Kohli’ .

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