Mushfiqur Rahim was the best

Bangladesh cricket, which has been undergoing lots of unhygienic staff lately was finally back in hygiene as the cricketers started a fitness camp on Yesterday. The Sher-E –Bangla stadium was full of energy after a long break. The camp had undergone the direction of the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) physical performance manager Stuart Karppinen . The preliminary squad for New Zealand tour was put into fitness test with the newly bought training device-the Speed Light Gate (SLG). The device was bought for 20000 Australian dollars (approximately taka 16 lakh) .

Bangladesh Cricketers at practice Session

Stuart Karppinen implied that, the newly bought device will help to figure out player’s baseline on different fitness measures. The device was primarily used for fielding tests and to measure fatigue and power and other fitness related attributes. “What we are trying to do is profile them based on different fitness levels.”  The manager said. The tests involved verities of sessions, for instance running between the light-gates, which measures the acceleration and speed of players. Secondly, there were vertical jumps and finally repeating the exercise on an electrical mat. Karppinen said, although the device had undergone lots of experiment since 2004-2005 , this is kind of new in cricket. He also informed that, this is the modern version of the ’Blip Test’.

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There was no Sakib, Tamim. Razzaq, Shahadat and Junaid Siddique for the first day test. There were 10 types of different tests on the first day. Mushfiqur Rahim was the only one who passed each test successfully. Therefore in today’s test, Mushfiq will be the one who will participate for in every test of the second level, while others will participate in either one.


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