Nafees blames himself even though Tamim’s shot broke his bones

Back in 2007, Tamim Iqbal’s powerful shot hit his elder brother, Nafees Iqbal’s forehead. As a result, a bone from the upper part of the eye got fractured. It took a long time for Nafees to return in cricket after the brutal injury. But Nafees doesn’t blame Tamim for this incident rather he curses himself for that day.

Back in 2007, Tamim Iqbal's powerful shot hit his elder brother, Nafees Iqbal's forehead. As a result, a bone from the upper part of the eye got fractured. It took a long time

Nafees Iqbal was introduced In Bangladesh team as a promising top order batsman. But unfortunately he couldn’t linger his international career. The time when he was preparing to flourish himself, he fall victim to a brutal injury that cost him a long break to return in cricket again.

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It was 2007, Nafees was standing in the indoor batting net. suddenly a powerful shot hit by Tamim sloshed his forehead right before the start of the world Cup. On 3rd June, Nafees was a guest in a live session with Bdcrictime. He described the incident on that session.

“It was an accident.There was a running camp of 30 members, on occasion of World Cup at that time. Me and Tamim reached there a little bit earlier. Talha Jubair was also present there. I was gossiping with Talha after finishing my batting. Tamim was batting in the nets then,”

Nafees reminisced.

“Tamim used to play powerful stroke from his very early childhood. He hit a ball coming down the track which sloshed my forehead. I was taken to hospital immediately. Afterwards I came to knew that, I have to undergo a plate replacement. Actually it is a bad memory,” Nafees added.

But Nafees refused to blame on Tamim. “Anyone who would face it, would feel the same like me. But Tamim had no mistake that day. It was a fault of mine. I was standing straight in the same net, where Tamim was practicing. Actually I don’t have anything to regret. But I had a little chat with Tamim that day. He was very young then. Somehow it had happened, it was an accidental incident to say. It’s not like it had happened for Tamim. It was all my fault.” Nafees added.

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