Nasser includes Babar in ‘fab five’, compares him with Kohli and Smith

Former England captain and popular commentator Nasser Hussain thinks that Pakistan captain Babar Azam does not get the credit he deserves according to the ability and performance. According to Hussain, if Virat Kohli had played like Babur, there would have been a storm of discussion about him.

Nasser includes Babar in 'fab five', compares him with Kohli and Smith

Hussein made the remarks on Sky Sports on Wednesday, the first day of the first Test of the England-Pakistan series, when Babar was playing marvelously in batting.

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With the continuity of the performance, however, Babar is in regular discussions. The issue of keeping him at the height of India captain Kohli and Australia’s Steve Smith has also come up again and again. Kohli, along with Smith, Kane Williamson and Joe Root have been known as ‘Fabulous Four’, the best four batsmen of the time.

Hussein has no doubt, Babar must now be kept at the same height.

“If this lad was Virat Kohli, everyone would be talking about it but because it is Babar Azam, no one is talking about it. He averages 68 since 2018 and 55 in white-ball cricket,”

he said.

“He’s young, he’s elegant, he’s got all the swagger. They keep going on about the fab four, it’s the fab five and Babar Azam is in that.”

Babar has been great in limited overs cricket since the beginning of his career. The 25-year-old batsman has scored 11 centuries in 74 ODIs at an average of 54.17. He is also showing incredible consistency in T20 and is running at an average of more than fifty. He has been at the top of the ICC rankings for a long time in 20-over cricket. He is now number three in ODIs.

However, his performance in Tests was not so good from the beginning of his career. Rather the lack of continuity was obvious. But with the passage of time, he has become a performer even in the toughest version. From the time Hussein is talking about, from 2016 to the first day of the current Test, Babar has averaged 68.76 in 16 Tests. Smith averaged 59.66 and Kohli 53.29 during the period. And due to the lack of continuity in the big innings, Root has lagged far behind this time, averaging only 40.16.

According to Hussain, Babar is hiding behind being a Pakistani cricketer. “I think it is a real shame and it is in part a consequence of Pakistan playing away from home, playing in the UAE all the time in front of no one, Pakistan hiding in the shadow of Indian cricket, not going over and playing IPL cricket, not playing India,” he said.

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