National Cricketers not with CWAB

A meeting was held on recently by Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh(CWAB) in the cricketer’s dressing room. The organizer of the meeting was the general secretary of CWAB, Debobroto Paul. A team of national and domestic players were present in the meeting which was lead by some senior players.

Although there were some national players present in the meeting, most of the players went to their places after the practice session.  The former national player Razin Saleh informed that, only 70 to 75 cricketers were in the meeting. CWAB is to take decisions without the presence of a large number of cricketers where there are 184 cricketers involved. He also implied that, he is not really sure that everyone present there side with them. There was a kind of a distance created between the national players and CWAB after the Zimbabwe tour. A wrong message was sent to the players by someone. Despite the meeting with CWAB there was always a kind of dispute amongst the cricketers.

There is a kind of talk going on that the players might not attend because of the fear of breaching the contact with board. But CWAB general secretary claimed that board can’t bring out the allegation of breaking code of conduct regarding anything in domestic cricket. Although , the acting chief executive officer (CEO) asserted to the journalists that, BCB can make allegations against the national players anytime.

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