Negativity spread like virus in Bangladesh dressing room, reveals Shakib

Nasser prefers Shakib over StokesBangladesh played nine matches in the just completed tour in South Africa and was unable to pick up a single win across formats of the game. World number one all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, the skipper of the T20I of the team, believes the downfall started because initially Bangladesh could not do well in Test series.

The persistent string of losing games, at one stage, heaped negativity among team members dragging them to further defeats in rest of the tour matches.

Shakib, therefore, said, “I think a big reason (for the performance) was that we didn’t do well in Tests, and when the ODIs came around that mood lingered into that format.”

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Shakib was quoted by ESPNcricinfo saying, “Similarly, when we did not do well in the ODIs, it lingered into the T20s. It’s like a virus. If we did well in Tests, then we could have done even better in ODIs, and even better thereafter in the T20s.”

“That’s how these things work. If you are in the dressing room, you can tell from the atmosphere. The mentality is different in a winning dressing room; everyone talks about winning. In a losing dressing room, people talk about personal things, and unwittingly negative things come in. Atmosphere is important. More than one or two people performing, it is important that the team performs,” he said.

“The records will show that no team has performed well in away series in the last three or four years. But we were not able to compete in this series, which is frustrating,” Shakib said.

“We played well in the last 2-3 years which is why we expected to fight here. But unfortunately we were not able to get out from the losing streak,” he said.

“We all know what our ability is, and none of us could perform up to that. So in that regard I am sure that everyone – starting with the BCB, the coaching staff and us players – will work hard to overcome it, which is important if we want to move forward,” he further said.

“People will have personal opinions but I won’t say that we have to start thinking about sea changes after just one series. It is a little normal that results like this will happen on overseas tours. Maybe it was expected that we would lose, but we did not expect to play the cricket we did to lose the way we did,” he added.

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