No-ball technology to be used in Men’s T20I World Cup too

The global governing body of cricket, International Cricket Council (ICC) has already announced that new ‘no ball’ technology will be used in the Women’s T20I World Cup this month. This time, ICC also announces that the same technology will also be used in Men’s T20I World Cup this year.

No-ball technology to be used in Men's T20I World Cup too

However, it is still not certain whether the ‘no ball’ technology will be available in the ongoing World Test Championships and bilateral series of men’s cricket.

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The TV umpire [third umpire] will see if the bowler’s foot is falling out of line. If the foot is in ‘no ball’ zone, the on-field umpire will be notified immediately. The umpire will call the ball no-ball based on the decision made by the TV umpire. However, the task of calling the other no-ball remains the same as before.

The Australian News Media Sydney Morning Herald reported that the same technology has been in place for the Men’s T20I World Cup, which begins on October 18 this year. The technology will be used to catch the ‘no ball’ at the foot of the bowler.

All of a sudden, new technology is not being used in the World Cup. Recently, no-ball catching technology has been used in 12 matches. Out of the 4 thousand 717 balls, ‘no ball’ has been caught in 13.

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