‘No review lost on umpire’s call’

'No review lost on umpire's call' In their last annual meeting in London, International Cricket Council (ICC) proposed to come with a new decision about Decision Review System (DRS) where it was suggested no teams should lose a ‘review’ on Umpire’s call on a leg before wicket decision on DRS.

Anil Kumble, who chaired the meeting said, “Yes, we as an Indian team used it on a trial basis when England toured India and subsequently when Australia came to India.”

“We were pretty satisfied with the outcome of the exercise and we are really comfortable with where we are, especially since I am involved with the Cricket Committee and right through the DRS protocols as far as the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is concerned” – he said farther.

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“We did speak about the unsuccessful reviews, especially when it comes to the Umpire’s call. It will be deemed as a successful review, the Umpire’s call and the 80 – over top – up will not happen. That’s the recommendation of the Cricket Committee” – explained by Anil Kumble as quoted by the Indian Express.

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