Number of Tests to be reduced?

International Cricket Council (ICC) is thinking of reducing the number of Tests in a year. World cricket would lose up to ten Tests in a year. A year might see 45-50 Tests. [Read in Bangla: কমনো হচ্ছে টেস্ট ম্যাচের সংখ্যা]


South Africa are touring Australia for three Test matches. ICC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dave Richardson has spoken about the reduction of Tests per year. This will be decided in ICC’s Annual Conference in London next July.

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He said, “I think we’re at a stage now where, come February at least, at the chief executives level we’ll have consensus as to the structures we can implement, particularly in respect to ODIs and T20s.

“There’s not yet consensus about the Tests, but certainly there’s a recognised need that cricket needs context and league structure, we just haven’t agreed at this point in time on the actual structure.”

Dave thinks it’s not necessary to play too much Tests in a year. He wants less cricket but with better quality.

“We want to make sure we’re not playing too much Test cricket, bearing in mind in some countries its not financially viable so we don’t want to overload or play too much unnecessary Test cricket. The current average in total we’re talking about around 45-50 Test matches a year,” he said.

“We don’t want to suddenly put in place a structure that will see 70 Test matches a year played, so we want to make sure it is around 35-40, because we’ve also got ODIs and T20s we’ve got to schedule into the program and part of the problem is there is often too much cricket. We’d rather have less cricket, better quality and more context,” he added.

The world has seen 41* Tests in 2016 till now including ongoing Day-Night Adelaide Test, Hamilton and Mohali Tests. Of them, Bangladesh played only two.

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