O’Keefe forgets his runner! Ends in hilarious run-out

In a Sheffield Shield match between Victoria and New South Wales at Drummoyne Oval, Steve O’ Keefe had evoked a ridiculous run out.

O'Keefe forgets his runner! Ends in hilarious run-out

The NSW spinner, after hurting his hamstring during the match, was the last man to come out to bat for his team. The 34 year old spinner came to the crease with Nick Larkin as his runner.

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After taking guard, O’Keefe punched the ball of Scott Boland towards mid-on for a quick single signaling Nevill who was batting at the other end.

But, he forgot the rules of staying in the crease while batting with a runner and began to sprint down the pitch. As Jon Holland made a diving stop, both O’Keefe and his runner were found standing at the non-striker’s end.

And, finally realizing his blunder, O’Keefe turned and tried to run all the way back to the striker’s end before Holland’s throw caught him.

While the commentators repeatedly called it a “calamity”, it was arguably one of the most comical dismissals you’d see on the cricket field.

“His hamstring can’t be that bad as well,” the commentator said. “Because if it was that bad you’d know as soon as you took off that you shouldn’t be running.”

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