Once he’s off the park, he’s the most chilled guy: Zampa’s RCB moments with Kohli

Australia leg-spinner Adam Zampa revealed that Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli made him feel like they’d known each other from many years in RCB camp.

As if we had known each other forever: Zampa shares his RCB experience

Zampa played for RCB this year which was his first season for the franchise in Indian Premier League (IPL).

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“I replied, typical, just taking the piss, ‘Who are they, mate?’” Zampa explains. “The Indian fans did not let me live it down. Virat had seen it,” the leg-spinner recalled.

“I played my debut, bowled an over to him, the last ball of the over he smacked it for four, came down to me and said, ‘Stay a long way from Twitter, mate’. Basically, pipe down,” he further added.

“I was like, ‘Geezers, this bloke reads everything on Twitter’. He went on to get 120 (Kohli had actually scored 105) that day. I stoked the fire,” Zampa further said.

The spinner shared his first conversation with Kohli in WhatsApp. “It was the first day I arrived [and], he [Kohli] WhatsApped me, I didn’t have his number. He made it seem as if we had known each other forever,” he said.

The Whatsapp message from Kohli read: “Zamps, here’s the $15 off voucher at a vegan restaurant from Deliveroo, It’s a really good restaurant.”

The 28-year old spinner also said that Kohli is completely a different person outside the field. “He’s absolutely not what you see on the cricket field. He always brings his intensity to training and the game; he loves competition, and he hates losing as much as anyone,” Zampa said.

“He probably shows it more than anyone. Once he’s off the park, he’s the most chilled guy. He’s watching YouTube clips on the bus, and he’ll laugh out loud,” he added.

He then shared a funny story. “There was a cricket clip recently from, it was a funny run out. He was laughing about it for three weeks straight. He loves holding onto jokes like that. He talks about coffee, travelling, food. He’s a really cultured guy. He’s good to talk to, good fun,” he said.

It should be mentioned that Australia and India are set for 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is and 4 Tests starting from this month on November 27.

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