Papon wants coronavirus free world at first, not future of cricket

Coronavirus has spread whole world. Thousands of people have already been killed in corona. All other gatherings, rallies and gatherings in Bangladesh have already been banned. All kinds of cricket games were officially suspended this afternoon.

Papon wants coronavirus free world, not future of cricketBCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon has straightforwardly said, “Now the situation of the whole world and the country is not a favorable environment. Actually it’s not playing time.”

Meanwhile, it was first heard that the Dhaka Premier Cricket League will be closed until March 31. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief has gone a step further by officially announcing the closure of the league today.

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His explanation is, “Nobody can really say, or there is no point in saying that everything will be good in that day. When the situation got better before March 31, it was said that the league would start again from that day; But there is no point in saying that. So that’s not to say, when can the league start again?”

But he has set a time limit of approx. He thinks it will be difficult to start the league before April 15.

Meanwhile, if the league starts at that time will the national team cricketers be able to play? Will the board allow them to play league? Look at that too. Because of the uncertainty due to corona, the national team has two assignments in May and June. The first one is in May. The next is a home series against Australia in June.

Bangladesh have a three-match ODI and four-match Twenty20 series with Ireland.

And if the cricketers are truly out of the game and training until April 15, will the match fitness be affected in both of those series? Doubts have woken up. Since the Premier League is closed. For cricketers to leave the gym at home on a personal level and to come to Sher-e-Bangla, take physical training and cricket preparation – all will be closed.

Will it not affect the preparation of the cricketers? BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon said the situation in the country and the world in the coronavirus, there is no opportunity for sports. So no matter what happens, it is the last thing you want to improve the situation.

The BCB president said, “If the situation does not improve now then there is no chance for the sport. Depending on how the situation stands. None of us can say anything with a specific date, when will this world get rid of it. It is not said when any country in the world will be released, not just in Bangladesh. However, we hope to quarantine it as fast as we can.”



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