Pietersen doesn’t want Stokes in Ashes

Ben Stokes, who is now recognized as one of the best all-rounder in the world is playing cricket in New Zealand while his team England is now playing against Australia in the dynamic Ashes series.

The Ashes began last week with the notable omission of Stokes who is still unavailable for selection pending the outcome of a police investigation into a late night incident in Bristol last month.

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Should Stokes feature in the Ashes or not, the world cricket has divided into two parts with different opinions. 

Among cricketers, Kevin Pietersen is the first England player who told publically that Stokes should not take part in Ashes. 

Pietersen said: “It would be wrong for Stokes to be in this tour. From what we have seen on that coverage, that bloke doesn’t play for England again for a while.”

Former England opener Andress Strauss who is now the director of England cricket had quite a lot of issues with Pietersen. Remembering that, Pietersen tried to take a dig at Strauss and also said it will be Strauss’s biggest decison:  “The issue with Stokes isn’t about Stokes. Its about Strauss. He’s the one who is going to make this call about if and when Stokes will return.”

He added: “This is his biggest decision. Forget what he’s ever done to me. He likes to do things by the book. By his book. He doesn’t have much hair at the moment. He could lose it all on this decision. Its a monster.”

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