Pietersen used to scare Bangladesh’s left-arm spin

Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has been fearful of left-arm spin all his life. And when the game was against Bangladesh, it was as if his soul was trying to get out of the cage.

Pietersen used to scare Bangladesh's left-arm spin

Because at that time Mohammad Rafique, Abdur Razzak and Shakib Al Hasan – Bangladesh used to come down with three left-arm spinners. Another left-arm spinner Manjural Islam Rana used to play before Shakib came. Overall, the main force of the Tigers’ bowling attack was left-arm spin.

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That’s why Pietersen didn’t like to visit Bangladesh very much. He always found the Bangladesh tour difficult. He had so much fear of left-arm spinners in his mind that until he got on the plane, it seemed that the pilots were spinning left-arm in front of him.

Pietersen made the remarks in an interview with cricket-based website Cricbuzz. Host Pommie Mbangwa asked him about his memories of playing cricket in the subcontinent. Speaking of Bangladesh, Pietersen said everything with only left-arm spin.

He said,

“Bangladesh! It’s really hard to visit there. Especially when I was playing. I can’t play left-arm spin and every bowler in Bangladesh is like a left-arm spinner. After I got on the plane, the pilots also seemed to be spinning left-handed. People are walking on the runway, they are also spinning left-handed. To me, Bangladesh means left-arm spin.”

However, there is enough reason for Pietersen to be afraid of Bangladesh’s left-arm spin. Because he had been out 10 times against Bangladesh in Tests and ODIs. Every time a left-arm spinner showed him the way to the dressing room.

Pietersen has scored 74 runs in 7 matches against Bangladesh in ODIs and 342 runs in 7 innings of 4 matches in Tests. He had been out a total of 10 times. Shakib Al Hasan (5), Abdur Razzak (4) and the late Manjarul Islam Rana (1) got his wicket.

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