Plane crashes near Indian cricket team hotel in Sydney

Currently India national cricket team are in Australia for ODI and Test series. A scaring incident has happened there yesterday. A light plane has crashed near the hotel where Indian cricketers are staying in Sydney. However, no casualties have been reported in the incident.

Plane crashes near Indian cricket team hotel in Sydney

The distance from Cromer Park in Sydney to Team India’s Hotel is 30 kilometers, which is not too far in proportion to the sky limit. The light plane crashed in Cromer Park on Saturday (November 14) afternoon. Local children were playing in the Cromer Park field at the time.

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India started its first practice in Australia on the same day. The news of the plane crashing on the ground spread panic at the beginning. The pilot of the crashed plane, or anyone on the children’s playground, did not hurt though, which is really a positive news for Australia at the moment.

Greg Rollins, senior vice-president of Cromer Cricket Club, said there could have been fatalities if the plane had skidded a little when it crashed. “I yelled out to the guys in the shed, I just said run. They started running,” he was quoted as saying

“The plane started to smoke and I thought we had to get these guys out. The plane looked like it was going to blow up. The victims were still conscious but they were ‘not in a good way’. One guy, his face wasn’t good. They hit hard enough to do a lot of damage but they’re alive, that’s the main thing,” Rollins added.

Scott Manning, whose father was present inside the sporting shed told Nine Network, “I ran screaming and he [the pilot] somehow just got over the top of that shed. That would have taken out, I’m sure, 12 people.”

It is learned that the plane crashed while flying in the sky and lost control. Indian cricketers could have been injured in the plane crash if they had gone a little further.

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