"Players are ready for the next match"-Halsall


Jannatul Naym Pieal

Bangladesh fielding coach Richard Halsall has expressed his disappointment on the poor performance on the field by Bangladesh. But he also believes Bangladeshi cricketers will deliver their best in the next game against Scotland.

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“I am very disappointed on the fielding performance by our cricketers in the Sri Lanka match. Our captain also pointed that we lost the match because of their poor fielding. They couldn’t utilize their opportunity even after creating so many chances. But I think some days go bad in every game and it was like that for us in the last match. But the most important thing is how you get yourself  prepared for the next chance.

“Whatever, our players are ready for the next match. They are looking forward to do well. Hopefully they will give their best on the field.”

Halsall also thinks that it is still a realistic expectation from Bangladesh to reach the quarterfinals.

“Had we won against Sri Lanka, we could have been in a very good position by now. Now we have to win 2 out of 3 matches. Hopefully we will do that and play in the quarterfinals. Everyone in the team is looking forward to deliver their best.”

He also informed that they have been motivating their players for the sake of Bangladeshi people who are waiting to see them win.