PM Imran Khan reveals why India and Pakistan can’t play bilateral series

Pakistan and India are two countries with worst rivalry history in the history of any form of sports. Their rivalry relationship between them often heat up the match and make an extra impact on the fans. They have last played a bilateral series many years ago.Due to political tension between the two country they only faces each other in ICC events.

PM Imran Khan reveals why India and Pakistan can’t play bilateral series

Even due to rival relation between two countries, the players from two countries often engage in ugly banter. Although, many had stepped forward to take the cricketing fraternity work for the betterment of cricket but it didnt worked out in the end.

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Former Pakistan skipper and current Pakistan prime minister Imran khan talked about his cricket career and India Pakistan bilateral series on the Out Of Exile documentary on Sky Sports.

“If I have time to watch cricket, I time it to the last 5 overs of the result. If it’s a close game, it’s quite fun to watch. As a connoisseur of cricket, I don’t enjoy T20. I enjoy the improvisation in strokeplay, I look at the T20 games and think why didn’t I try to develop those strokes. But I just love good quality Test cricket, but for that, I don’t have much time.

“I played two series in India. One in 1979 when the two governments were trying to come close. I can’t tell you how wonderful the atmosphere was on the cricket field. Big crowds.

“The next time I went was in 1987 and this time, there was tension between the two governments I saw hostility in India which I had never seen before. Our players were being pelted from the ground and I made them wear helmets while fielding at the boundary. It wasn’t a very good atmosphere on certain grounds.

“When India came to Pakistan in 2005, again the governments were trying to get close. I never thought I would see on a cricket ground what happened. Pakistan lost to India in Pakistan and the crowds cheered the Indian team. Great atmosphere.

“Right now, playing cricket in this atmosphere with this sort of a government in power, I would imagine it would be a terrible atmosphere on the cricket ground.

“There’s nothing quite like the Ashes for the English. But Pakistan-India series is just in a different league in terms of tension, pressure, and enjoyment.” Imran said.

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