‘Power Surge’, ‘X-factor’, ‘Bash Boost’ – BBL reveals astonishing new rules

Australian Big Bash League (BBL) has always been at the forefront of all new innovations in cricket. The tenth edition of this domestic T20 tournament has three new additions, ‘Power Surge’, ‘X-factor Player’ and ‘Bash Boost.’

‘Power Surge’, ‘X-factor’, 'Bash Boost' - BBL reveals astonishing new rules

Cricket Australia (CA) confirmed the three new rules on Monday (November 16). The organizers believe that these rules will be helpful to make the game more interesting, increase the excitement and add new dimensions throughout the 40 overs. The decision-making of captains and coaches will become more important.

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These changes were made on the advice of Trent Woodhill. After working in various roles in international cricket, franchise cricket teams and various venues, he joined the Big Bash last August as a consultant. Woodhill believes these new attachments will take the game further.

“What it will do is force coaches to start looking at what they’re going to do, I reckon that’s powerful. That’s what’s great about AFL, NRL, basketball, the NFL, baseball. I can’t wait for the day where a coach subs a player after one over – players and coaches will hate it at times, but now there’s no hiding place,” Woodhill told ESPNcricinfo.

“I want to be able to talk to you about the game itself, rather than what happened beforehand and then what are you going to do next game. This will now show up coaches and captains and that’s what you want to do.

“I love strategy, competitiveness, the contest between bat and ball. I hate lulls in games, I tend to get bored really easily if there’s lull. You realise you can make adjustments to rules which make fans less aware of outcome, make players and coaches unsure of a result,” he added.

Power Surge

There will be no traditional 6-over powerplay. Instead, there will be a mandatory powerplay of 4 overs at the beginning of the innings. The remaining two overs can be taken by the batting team at any time from 11 overs. The name of these two overs is ‘Power Surge.’ The rule of placing fielders inside and outside the 30-yard circle in these two overs will be the same as the power play of 4 overs.

X-factor Player

In international cricket, ‘super-sub’ was once introduced. That test was not successful at all. Fifteen years after the cancellation, the opportunity to play a replacement cricketer has taken a new turn.

After 10 overs of the first innings, both the teams can take the replacement cricketer. That cricketer must be the twelfth or thirteenth man in the player list. Only cricketers who have not batted or bowled more than 1 over in the first 10 overs can be replaced.

This can be taken after 10 overs. For example, if a bowler gets injured before 10 overs, he cannot be replaced immediately.

Bash Boost

There are no longer two points for winning a match, there will be a chance to win four points. However, there are three points to win a match. Both teams will have a chance to win the remaining one point. This ‘Bash Boost’ point will be determined after 10 overs of the second innings. At the end of the first 10 overs, the team chasing will receive the bonus point if they’re above the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition, while if they’re trailing, the fielding side will receive the point.

The opening match of the tournament is scheduled to be played between Hobart Hurricanes and defending champions Sydney Sixers on December 10 next month.

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