Rameez Raja suggests Pakistani fixers to open grocery shops

Pakistani cricket has been in full red-hot form around for a few days with the topics to give opportunity to the players to play again in national team who have committed such a crime as match-fixing or spot-fixing. Especially since the discussion about returning Sharjeel Khan, who was previously accused of match fixing in Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Rameez Raja suggests Mohammad Amir to open grocery shops

Former cricketers of the country have already stood on this issue in two sections. Former captain Javed Miandad has said that fixers who tarnish cricket should be hanged directly. Former wicketkeeper Rashid Latif has suggested that the law be regarded as a crime to punish the fixers.

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Salman Butt, another former captain and banned for fixing, has turned against them. According to him, there is no place for honesty in Pakistan cricket. That is, almost everyone in their cricket is somehow dishonest.

When this situation surrounds around the Pakistan cricket, former Pakistan opener Rameez Raja has come up with another solution. Rameez, now known as a commentator, has suggested opening a grocery store to make a living for fixing cricketers.

Rameez has suggested that they can earn a living even after leaving cricket. “If you ask me, I would say that these scandalized cricketers should open their own grocery stores,” he said. Rameez also said that allowing Pakistan’s fixers to play again was a big loss for Pakistan’s cricket. Rameez is not in favor of any further fixtures to play cricket again.

In his remarks, “I do not doubt that allowing these players (including Mohammad Amir) to play these matches has done a great deal of damage to Pakistan cricket. Now talking about the return of Sharjeel Khan again. That won’t be right at all. It can do a lot of damage to cricket.”

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