Ramesh Powar’s influence in Mehidy’s cricket career

Bangladesh all-rounder Mehidy Hasan Miraz is considered former India spinner Ramesh Powar as his ‘idol’ since childhood. Miraz himself told the story of how Powar, who played 2 Tests and 31 ODIs for India, became Miraz’s idol.

Ramesh Powar's influence in Mehidy's cricket career

Before starting his career, Miraz used to bowl in various actions. However, he couldn’t able to find a suitable action initially. Seeing the obese off-spinner Powar, Miraz started bowling like him, he also felt comfortable in it. After that, after practicing the bowling action, he has become today’s Miraz.

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Talking to Bdcrictime on Eid occasion, Miraz said, “Ramesh Powar is my bowling idol. When I started practicing at young age, I used to bowl in different actions. I couldn’t find comfort in bowling in different actions. I couldn’t bowl in a suitable place too.

“Suddenly one day while watching a match of India, Ramesh Powar came in bowling. He was quite fat then. There was quite a turn in his bowling. I found his bowling action very nice. There were much turns too. I was thinking- so fat people, managed to bowl in such good place of the wicket with much turns. So, let’s try to bowl like him one day in the field.”

Miraz also go the benefit of trying Powar’s action. Then he continued with that action. Gradually, the action is changed but the big ‘turning point’ in Miraz’s spin practice is Ramesh Powar undoubtedly.

“Suddenly I went to the field and started trying Powar’s action. I saw that I was bowling very well in that action. The ball is falling in a good place in the wicket and it’s also turning. I thought, from now on, I will bowl with that action. From then on, I started bowling with Powar’s action. At first, the action was similar with him [Powar] but now maybe something has changed,” the 22-year old Miraz concluded.

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