Razzak sets his eyes further

Bangladesh bowler Abdur Razzak (R) celeb

The last two days have been tough for him. To relieve himself off the mental stress, he had gone to Chittagong to play a local match. With a smile that intended to hide his internal pain, Abdur Razzak said, “Played in this sort of temporary cricket after 10 years. Normally I don’t prefer these but I needed to travel somewhere to refresh my mind.”

Razzak has calmed down, probably after playing that game or by the nick of time. When the world cup squad was announced, it seemed all over for him. Now it seems that he has regained his hope, that there is more to come after the world cup.

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At 32, spinners cannot be classified as “old”. But in the context of Bangladesh, extending one’s career after 30 is difficult. After being left out of the World cup squad, many are forecasting the end of the left arm spinner, the only Bangladeshi bowler to take 200 ODI wickets. Regarding this doubt, Razzak disagreed, “There sould not be such questions. Though World Cup is a big tournament and it is disappointing to miss out, it is not the end. There are more games in the future and I believe I can still return. It is not the time to contemplate retirement. When the time comes I will inform everyone”.

Chief Selector Faruque Ahmed has hopes for Razzak, “As Australian grounds are big in size, we gave a lot of focus to fitness and fielding abilities. Razzak fell behind in this regard, but the World Cup is the only tournament. There are a lot of home matches after the World Cup; I believe Razzak will work on his fitness and make a strong comeback”.

Coach Chandika Hathurusinghe also had inspirational words for Razzak, “Razzak has given a lot to Bangladesh cricket. Unfortunately he was injured before the Zimbabwe series, and other spinners performed really well. However, he can still return to the team if he performs.

Whether these are just words of hope or assurance, Razzak is determined to make his comeback, “I have respect for the selectors’ decisions. The National League is coming up, so I will look to perform there and come into their good books. I will do my best to return”.

He couldn’t perform well last year, and had to fight against injuries as well. Despite that, he still managed to pick 21 scalps in 10 games in the Dhaka Premier League. Razzak isn’t disappointed about his team not qualifying in the Super League, “I wasn’t left out due to my performance. So picking up more wickets in super league would not have mattered.”

Fielding was never an aspect where Razzak had excelled. In a team like Bangladesh, many of the fielders are of average quality. The rise of Sunny, Taijul and Jubair has played a part in Razzak being omitted, and he knows it, “I love to take challenges. I treat every series as a challenge. Having competition for places is beneficial for the team, it makes you more focused to perform to be in the team. But I think there was always competition in the place for Bangladesh spinners, it is nothing new. Maybe it has only intensified recently.”

He is the most successful of Bangladeshi bowlers in ODI’s, he is not someone who would give up.