Razzak still seeks reason of being dropped from the team

After the tour of West Indies in 2014, Abdur Razzak was dropped from the team in a hurry. Although, he returned to the national team in the same format as he was the pioneer of that format.However, he could not settle down. Even now a days, Razzak himself does not know the reason for his irregularity in the national team and his gradual dismissal.

Razzak still seeks reason of being dropped from the team

Abdur Razzak is a spin legend in one-day cricket for Bangladesh. He owns many records with the ball in hand, besides the owner of many ‘firsts’. Razzak does not know why he was dropped from the team even after performing regularly in the national team and domestic cricket.

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“It’s all a matter of management,the management team thinks more than me. They will see who will be needed when, for how long. Maybe I didn’t need it then. Didn’t Razzak really need it? Razzak himself is not sure. Just try to find an answer on your own. At the same time, performing regularly is also going on. He said, ‘I tried a lot on my own to find the answer, but I didn’t get it. I have no explanation. I can’t really give an explanation. I was so frustrated at the time… but still trying to do better when I play. You have to play in the national team – not like that. There is a matter of emotional satisfaction” Razzak said in a live chat on BDCrictime.

Razzaq has taken 207 wickets in ODI cricket. The goal was to touch the milestone of three hundred wickets. However, after being dropped at the end of the 2014 West Indies tour, he did not return to the team.

Razzak said, “I lead with very few goals. I had a goal in mind – I would finish with more than three hundred wickets. I never imagined that it would end in two hundred. That’s why it (excluded from the team) has moved so hard. I was very disappointed.”

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