Reason behind Taskin’s early marriage revealed 

Just after arriving home from the South Africa tour, seamer Taskin Ahmed have tied the knot with his girlfriend Sayeda Rabeya and that has shook the social media around Bangladesh. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ হুট করে বিয়ের কারণ জানালেন তাসকিন]

The young pacer is only 22 years old and the fans around the country have a lot of question in their mind right now while some of them have been way too judgemental about his wife. 

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Some questions might have been answered already after YouTube celebrity Salman Muqtadir who is also a friend of Taskin posted a status on his facebook account.

He wrote: “This is for those who are interested about Taskin’s wife. The girl might not be as pretty as you all, but the girl has a good heart, good character and her love is strong too. That’s why Taskin didn’t think second time to marry her.”

Salman also revealed his conversation with Taskin last week: 

– Why you’re marrying so early brother?Taskin: Bro, I love my girlfriend a lot and if wife stays at home, no matter how many girls knock me, I will feel guilty of doing anything wrong, I can keep control of myself. Bangladesh expects a lot from me. If I don’t settle, then I can go in wrong paths in my early little career.

After hearing that Salman had a message to the fans: “Thanks to Bangladesh. For whom Taskin is so concerned, they made him feel sad. He changed his hair colour for you all, now I think he even have to change his wife too.”

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