Research on for disinfecting cricket balls

Cricket ball manufacturers are exploring the various options for disinfecting the balls for the use in cricket matches post COVID-19. They would want any disinfectant which is confirmed by the manufacturer as being anti-viral to kill the virus.

Research on for disinfecting cricket balls

However, it is also feared that the liquid may alter the surface of a normal leather ball.

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“At Dukes, we have different surface finishes one of which can make the leather completely waterproof,” Dilip Jajodia, the manufacturer of Dukes balls, said exclusively over the telephone from England.

Duke balls will be used for the forthcoming Test series between England and the West Indies beginning next month in England.

“Disinfectant could be applied to this surface. However, the shine will last for a long time which is not the normal deterioration expected,”

he added.

Paras Anand, the manufacturer of SG balls in India will also research on the use of alcohol based solution as disinfectant. “Will have to see the impact it has on the hardness of the ball and effect on the leather,” speaking exclusively, he said.

“Also, another option worth considering is players following a strict disciplined routine of sanitising their hands after 5/10 overs. If the players are cautious with their hands hygiene, the risk can be minimised significantly,” he added.

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