Rohit Sharma is a king of pull shot, says his coach


Rohit Sharma is a King of Pull shot, says his coach

Rohit Sharma’s personal childhood coach Dinesh Lad is not pleased about the ICC not having his ward in their picture on their tweet asking fans about the player with the best pull shot.

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The ICC had asked its twitter users to pick the batsman with the best pull shot and they uploaded a photo of four players and did not include Rohit Sharma in the list.

The list included the photographs of Viv Richards, Ricky Ponting (Australia), Virat Kohli (India) and South Africa’s Herschelle Gibbs.

“Rohit Sharma is a master of this stroke (pull shot). He is even better than Team India captain Virat Kohli. This I am not saying because I am Rohit’s personal coach but according to me, he is the best puller in the world after Viv Richards. Even Ricky Ponting can be next to Rohit,”

the coach said.

“In the modern day cricket I rate Rohit as number 1 puller in the world. Most of the time he hits hard the ball in front foot and takes the ball on the middle of his bat and that’s his biggest plus point.”

Even Rohit Sharma was “amused” and he re-tweeted the photo and said “someone’s missing here.”

It can be recalled that when Rohit was in Australia during the 2007-08, former Australia captain turned commentator Ian Chappell marvelled at the young gun’s horizontal bat shots. Chappell was a great pull shot player himself although the stroke caused his dismissal quite a few times. He didn’t stop playing it despite former players advising him to stop it.

Few fans reacted to ICC decision of not including Rohit Sharma in options.

“When it comes to pull shot, no one is even close to HITMAN Fire @ICC @ImRo45,” one fan named Its RA NA..tweeted. Another fan Sandeep put a fire photo before he wrote: “This man…”

A fan Pankaj wrote HitMan’s Chronology as: Pehle 10 overs mein 60 ke strike rate se khelunga. Agle 20 overs mein 100 ke strike rate se. Fir 100 ke baad 250 se strike rate se (he plays first ten overs at 60 strike rates, next 20 overs at 100 stricke rates and next at the strike rate of 250).

“Life is boring without you,” another fan wrote.

One fan Abhisek Hanbar wrote jealousy. He however, has not clarified whether he was critic at the ICC or Rohit Sharma.

The ICC post received not less than 2K replies with many Indian fans picking Rohit Sharma over Virat Kohli.

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