The more you say, the more it can backfire on you: Root

It is now less than ten days to go for Cricket’s most happening Test series, the Ashes. A series where not only the bat and ball does the talking, the heat exchange of words among two sides does too.

England were beaten 5-0 against Australia in 2013-14 Ashes and Australia believes they have the team to do it again. There has been already a lot of talking before the start of the series and it has also been said that the England side are afraid to face to Aussies. 

England skipper Joe Root turned down all this and indicated this as “rubbish talk.” He also said the Aussie players are talking a load of rubbish. 

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“There’s been a lot of talk, Some of it exciting and some of it a load of rubbish. Especially from some of the Aussie players. We are absolutely prepared for any scenario and absolutely ready for that first game, whatever they do throw at us. We expect it to be hostile. We expect it to be a very loud and rowdy atmosphere at the Gabba. We are in a good place and ready for that. We have got our heads round what to expect.”

When asked if England fears the Aussie side, the skipper said: “Fear is not the right word [to describe England’s attitude]. Respect probably is. They have a lot of quality in their attack, but we have lots of quality in our side too.”

Root also explained Australia might have targeted him only but his side will target them all: “From our point of view, we’ll be targeting every single one of them – we won’t be singling any one out. To win a Test you’ve got to take 20 wickets. But you want that competitive element to it. And those little in-house rivalries. It should be a great series. They’ve got some great players within their squad. And good characters, as well, which, I’m sure will make for great viewing.”

He added: “I try not to do too much talking. That’s more for them to worry about. The more you say the more it can backfire on you. We will go about things our way.”

After some tough and aggressive words from the England captain, it will be interesting to see where Australia will give the reply, at a press conference or in the first Test at Brisbane.

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