Root prefers to not put himself in ‘Fab Four’

England Test captain and one of the finest batsmen of current time Joe Root has admitted of not putting his name in the ‘Fab Four’.

Smith surprised by Root's omission from the squad

Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and Root have been put in the ‘Fab Four’ bracket since the last few years. These four men have been prolific for their respective countries.

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Even though the Yorkshire-born cricketer rates himself lower than the other four, he closely observes  the great modern batsmen.    

“I try not to measure myself against other players. But I do watch a lot of how they go about constructing different types of innings across the three formats. You’re looking at three of the greatest players the game has seen. They’re three brilliant people to watch play and learn from. I’m not sure I’d put myself in their bracket, to be honest,” Root said while speaking in The Analyst’s Virtual Cricket Club.

Root has highlighted on the different ways Williamson and Smith play their shots in total contrasting manner.

“I look at how late Kane plays the ball, how still and correct he is. How, under pressure, he finds a way to trust his defence on any given surface. That’s a great quality to have.

“You look at Smith and at times he’s just awful to watch. It’s horrible on the eye. But you’d pay to have him in your team. He’s a fantastic run-scorer,” he said. 

While Smith, Williamson and Root himself are not rated as the go-to T20 batsman, he has admitted Kohli as the best batsman across formats.

“Virat is probably the most complete player out of the three of them across formats. His ability to chase things down in the limited-overs format and to pace it as well as he does as often as he does and be not out at the end is extraordinary. He’s got a very good all-round game but you wouldn’t say he’s weaker against spin or pace.”