Sabbir raises new controversy, claims to be innocent swearing in cricket

Bangladesh batsman Sabbir Rahman has repeatedly given rise to controversy in the past, is once again in the headline of negative news. This time, he has brought trouble once again by beating a cleaning staff.

Sabbir claims to be innocent swearing in cricket

This incident has touched the cricket fans and there has been a lot of criticism after the news came in the social media. But Sabbir himself claimed himself innocent in a live with Bdcrictime.

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“Cricket is my love, my life. I swear by cricket, I did not touch him,” Sabbir claimed himself. Sabbir also told that while entering into his apartment, he saw the garbage vehicle in front of his house. He urged the cleaner to park somewhere else. But the cleaner himself got angry over him.

“Past is past to me. I have learned a lot from my past. Now the rumor has it that nothing like this has actually happened. It’s not easy to beat a person,” Sabbir added.

Describing the whole incident Sabbir said,

“There was a garbage track in front of my house. I was coming home with my wife. I said, ‘Brother, you have left your car in the middle of the road, no one will be able to come and go.’ If a patient wants to go now and you’re gossiping leaving the car in that way. Please don’t leave the car like this, keep it aside from the middle. I just said this. As soon as I sounded the horn, he reacted as if I had done something very wrong. His eyes were horrible and he’s muttering.”

Sabbir got a little angry at this. However, he claimed that there was no incident like raising the hand. “I found it very strange.  I said- brother, are you saying something? Why are you talking like this? I didn’t say anything bad. He told me- I am doing my job, who are you to say, why are you blowing the horn. That’s all, there just a little argument, nothing more,” Sabbir said.

“It’s not easy to beat a man in the street. When I give relief, I call him and give him the relief. I give him the money of Zakat, the money in this coronavirus situation. Why should I beat him? I am also a human being. I am always at the top of the headlines, it shouldn’t be. Making a small matter a bigger one isn’t a good thing at all. The man came half an hour later and threatened to beat me and my parents. I played for Bangladesh, I represented the country. If I deserve it, I have no interest in playing for the country.”

Sabbir’s case spread quickly in the media, but incorrectly- at least that’s his claim. He also expressed frustration over the news being spread everywhere without his statement.

“At least they had to call me and know the actual incident that happened. I had my wife and driver with me. They wouldn’t lie obviously. I use to complete my daily prayer, I went to Mecca to perform Hajj. So why should I lie too?,” the 28-year old Sabbir said.

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