Sachin reveals why he never advertises for brand of tobacco or alcohol

India legend Sachin Tendulkar has never been the face of any brand of tobacco or alcohol in his life. He has not been seen in any advertisement of tobacco products till date.

Sachin reveals why he never advertises for brand of tobacco or alcohol

Why? Yesterday on ‘World No Tobacco Day’, Sachin himself said the real reason. Even after retiring from cricket, he could have seen in advertisements for tobacco or alcohol with large sums of money. But the former Indian cricketer did not do that.

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Tendulkar said that even after leaving the game, an organization offered him Rs 20 crore. A reputed wine company proposed him the offer. But Sachin did not agree. No tobacco or alcohol company advertisement has ever been seen on Sachin’s bat. He is always miles away from any kind of tobacco products. There are reasons behind this.

“My father told me to stay away from all tobacco products,” he said. “I follow those words strictly. Even when I was playing, many companies wanted me to do their advertising. But I never wanted to be a part of a product that harms the health of society and people. So even after leaving the game, I never responded to any such offer.”

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