Sachin suggests to introduce new ball after every 50 overs

There has been happening a big controversy over ball polishing in international cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket Committee, headed by Anil Kumble, has already banned spit and saliva for ball polishing. Sachin Tendulkar and Brett Lee have suggested a number of ways to solve this problem.

Sachin suggests to introduce new ball after every 50 overs

“It’s a tough call because it’s something which we have done during our entire life. From the age of 8-9, we were told to use saliva to shine the ball. So, all of a sudden to be told something different like you cannot do that, I think it will be very hard to stop and would be very hard to police,” Lee said while speaking to Tendulkar in a video posted by 100MB.

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Kumble’s committee spoke of using sweat as an alternative to spit. But Lee, Sachin thinks there will be problems in that case too. In a conversation with Lee, Sachin said,

“So here in Test cricket, if you are not going to allow saliva, and sometimes you won’t sweat as much depending on the climate where you are playing, it could be a lot like day/night one-dayers. In ODI cricket, bowling when conditions are dry in a day-night match and bowling second when there is a lot of dew on the ground, so on paper the conditions and rules are exactly the same, but on the field, conditions are totally different, it’s chalk and cheese.”

Referring to his county life, Tendulkar said, “I played county for Yorkshire in 1992. I went there in early May. Everything was freezing cold. I will not forget a match in Hove. I put on five sweaters.”

The bowlers are in the most trouble in this situation. So what is the solution? Sachin is talking about two ways. One, polished with wax. Two, bringing new balls after 50 overs in Tests. Tendulkar’s advice to the ICC was to give a certain amount of wax to the fielding team in each innings to polish the ball. Tendulkar’s second suggestion was to bring in a new ball after 50 overs in the Tests. In that case, the pacers will get the help of the new ball for a long time. Now a new ball can be brought after 80 overs.

But Lee thinks that if the game is played in a safe environment, then why change the rules? The former Australian fast bowler said, “Test the players say two hours prior to the game and then move with the usual things. If players are kept in a bubble, in a bio-secure environment where there are no chances of getting infected, why not go with the usual rules instead of coming with new rules?”

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