Sanjay Manjrekar’s “bias”commentary frustrate fans

By  Bipin Dani

Is India’s cricket commentator Sanjay Manjrekar bias at the ongoing World Cup ? At least one Australian fan thinks so…Even he has suggested the ICC to “do something”. 

Manjrekar trolled badly by fans for his remarks on 50-over format

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In his letter to the ICC, Adiya Kumar, a Sydney-based India origin fan writes : “Hey ICC! Greetings from Sydney, Australia. A bit of feedback about Sanjay Manjrekar, on your commentary panel, for CWC: I find him utterly biased and very unprofessional, behind the mic. He also sounds full of himself. Other than that, great World Cup. Thanks.”

Sanjay Manjrekar commentary frustrate fans

The reason for writing this letter was : Manjrekar made comments a few days ago when he had said this about Dhoni:  He is “our” watchdog behind the stumps. You are a commentator. You have no side. There is no “us”. There is no “our”.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Sydney a week after the letter, Aditya Kumar says,

“I do not expect ICC will take this up; the whole idea behind this exercise, for me, was to prove a point that that as an audience I am quite fed up of the normalization of this sort of degraded standard of cricket commentary over the years”.

“I spent 10 minutes, wrote a postcard and posted it at the local post office. I have not included my address (as it was a postcard), so, there may not be a way for them to reply back”.

“Another aspect of this has been that there has been a lot of support that I have seen against biased commentators. People have been quite vocal about their frustrations with biased commentary. The most surprising part is that most of them are Indians. This is surprising because Manjrekar (and commentators like him, like Rameez Raja) are biased and take sides FOR their countries, and in that respect, it is a great sign that audiences from their own countries are rejecting this”, he signed off.

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