SCG installs WaitTime technology for the fans

In the modern era, technology has indeed changed our lives to a greater extent. Not only it has saved our time but it has also made our lives much easier than ever before. Be it day-to-day activities, sports or any other field, technology revolutionised the world.

SCG installs Wait-time technology for the fans
SCG introduces WaitTime technology

As far as cricket is concerned, DRS technology, Snickometer, ball speed measurement, spider-cam, hotspot technology, Hawkeye are some of the techniques that have always helped changed the game of cricket. These technologies have helped us save time, reduce human errors and in fact made the game much easier than ever before.

In a first, Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) has come up with a new technology exclusively for the fans. Yes, SCG introduced WaitTime technology around the venue for the fans so that they can attend the events on time by avoiding lengthy queues to get food or say beverages. Thanks to this technology which will now help the fans at the venue to get back to watch the match as they will not be missing snippets of cricketing action like before.

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Case in point, Sydney Cricket and Sports Grounds have collaborated with USA-based venue technology innovators WaitTime in order to provide fans with an improved customer experience when purchasing food and beverage.

The supporters will now be able to easily analyse queuing times including directional information put up on screens around the venue.

“The new service allows spectators to view outlet queuing times on dozens of screens around the SCG and it will soon also be available in our new mobile app,” Sydney Cricket and Sports Grounds Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather explained.

“I’ve had a close look at this technology and it’s fantastic – the SCG will be the first in Australia to integrate the offering across an entire venue.”

What is all about this USA-based WaitTime technology? It uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to access queuing times and give estimated waits at nearby outlets. Interestingly, WaitTime also permits SCG to monitor which outlets are in demand and allot staffing resources correspondingly.

Last Saturday, SCG successfully tested the new technology at the Sydney Roosters-Wests Tigers game. After being contended with trials and experimentation, the technology will be in operation for the Sydney Swans-Collingwood game this Friday onwards.

Apart from cricket, WaitTime is also used at other world-class venues like the home courts of NBA clubs namely Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons.

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