Shahid Afridi tested positive with COVID-19

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has been tested positive with coronavirus and he himself confirmed the new in his official Twitter account.

Shahid Afridi

The COVID-19 has made a big change in the entire globe and many parts of the globe are still not functioning. Now only some are returning back to normal life. A few days ago New Zealand confirmed that they are free of the pandemic situation now.

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Still, it is a pandemic situation across the world. But the effect of the virus around the game between bat and ball is very much less compared to the other games. The no.of affected persons are very much less in cricket.

Shahid Afridi becomes a victim of COVID-19

Now as a piece of shocking news, former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi confirmed that he is tested positive with the dangerous coronavirus. Shahid Afridi wrote that after feeling unhealthy for the last couple of days, now he is confirmed that he is contaminated with the virus. He pleaded everyone to pray for him to recover faster.

“I’ve been feeling unwell since Thursday; my body had been aching badly. I’ve been tested and unfortunately I’m covid positive. Need prayers for a speedy recovery, InshaAllah,” Afridi quoted in his Twitter account. The former Pakistan cricketer is spending more time nowadays with helping people who are affected by the lockdown as well as the virus.

The former Pakistan captain joins Scotland’s Majid Haq, Pakistan’s Zafar Sarfraz, and South Africa’s Solo Nqweni, the cricket players affected by the virus. Tragically his countryman Zafar Sarfraz passed away at the age of 50 due to the dangerous virus in April.


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