Shakib Al Hasan provides Ambulance to aid corona patients

The whole world is fighting to win the pandemic caused by Corona. While, the number of contamination of corona is rapidly increasing in Bangladesh, the Shakib Al Hasan Foundation, founded by Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib Al Hasan, has provided ambulances to aid the corona patient’s in such situations.

Shakib Al Hasan provides Ambulance to aid corona patients

The Shakib Foundation has been working since the beginning of the Corona outbreak, and it’s still working for tackling the epidemic. Shakib has been carrying out various social service activities through his foundation while living in far away United States. Following this, an ambulance has been given to a foundation on behalf of his foundation.

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Chishti Iqbal, Chief Adviser of Shakib Al Hasan Foundation and one of the founders of Auction for Action, decided to help from a Foundation, When the non-profit organization called Mastul Foundation informed the online fundraising campaign Auction for Action about its activities.The Mastul Foundation is providing ambulance services to the patients affected by the corona, in addition to burying the dead in accordance with the hygienic rules of the corona.

However, as the foundation did not have its own ambulance, free service activities were going on in the hired ambulance. An ambulance has been donated to the Mastul Foundation by the Shakib Al Hasan Foundation.

In a Facebook message, Shakib said the Mastul Foundation, a social organization registered by the Bangladesh government, has more than 20 schools. Health, nutritious food, children’s rights, basic needs are being ensured in 12 districts with the help of educational materials for 1100 disadvantaged poor students. There are also sewing training centers, self-help projects and funeral activities for those affected by the Corona disaster and free ambulance services and health services for the helpless and poor.

‘‘The Shakib Al Hassan Foundation and the Mastul Foundation have decided together that the ambulance service can be used to treat patients with corona as soon as possible. Alhamdulillah, we have come before you with this service. If you want, you can also extend a helping hand to this service of Mastul Foundation in this crisis of the country ” said Shakib.

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