Mr. and Mrs. Shakib Al Hasan wedding reception on 15 December

Shakib ShishirThe date was 12.12.12 when the best All-Rounder started his new innings with Umme Ahmed Shishir. However, for Shakib Al Hasan who was busy with cricket matches,  his marriage was not so big at all. Nevertheless, they got  married in the special date of 12.12.12.

On that day their family members and a few of their friends were present there. Thus, you can realize that it was not such a big marriage ceremony.

Shakib was busy with his international career. But, at least they were passing through a great marriage life. Shakib has made his time to marry Shishir in bigger marriage ceremony. They have choose the next Victory Day, that means 15th of December. Their Gaye Holud will be held on 13th December.

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Due to their Gaye Holud, both of the families are on a race. Their families wants to surprise each other. We’ll see who wins!

The marriage ceremony shouldn’t be small for the best All-rounder. And it will not be! The PM, politicians, athletes, actors and lots of other famous people will be present at their wedding reception which will be held on 15th of December this year.

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