Shakib fans organize Milad and Dua Mahfil

There can be thousands of haters who can not even see anything good about Shakib Al Hasan, and always look for the slightest of the opportunities to bring the ace all-rounder down to earth. But no doubt, those people are nothing compared to the millions of fans Shakib has from each and every single corner of the country.

Shakib fans organize Dua and Milad Mahfil
Shakib is out of the field with a finger injury.

And like we all know, some fans are more passionate than others. While some fans only like to cheer their heroes during a match, there some some die-hard fans who follow every single step of their hero, and doesn’t miss a chance to prove their loyalty when necessity arises.

There’s one such fan-base of Shakib, named Fans Of SAH75. With Shakib out of the field due to a finger injury, and probably has to undergo a surgery, the facebook-based fan group of him organized Milad and Dua Mahfil in different parts of the country for his fast recovery.

While there were several such events took place in the capital’s Banani, Mirpur and Azimpur locality, regional members of the group also organized Milad and Dua Mahfil in other places of the country including Khulna, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Kumilla, Jamalpur and Noakhali as well.

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shakib doa mahfil

These events caught the attention of Shakib’s wife Umme Ahmed Shishir, as she took the social networking platforms to show his gratitude towards the organizers and all of Shakib’s fans. The following is what she wrote to express her feelings:

“I don’t have words to describe this, these people came together today for a Milad and Dua Mahfil for Shakib Al Hasan’s fast recovery I came to know it has been organised by his die hard fans which left me speechless it’s been performed in about 10 Masjids around the country. Almighty Allah has blessed him with all your love and dua. Alhamdulillah he’s recovering from his wound! Almighty Allah has been kind to us Alhamdulillah.”

To be noted, Shakib is currently in Melbourne. After spending five days in a local hospital there, he left the hospital on Friday, but is expected to prolong his stay in Melbourne until the physicians clarify about his health condition.

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