Shakib illustrates, says, ‘everything is inside the cricket field’

Last night Premadasa Stadium witnessed a match that was more than a cricket match indeed. Sizzling emotions upheaved the cricketing actions on and off the field, spread across general people of both the countries. [নিউজটি বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ শুধু মাঠেই নয়, দুই ক্রিকেট বোর্ডের সম্পর্কটা অনেক ভালো]

Shakib illustrates, says, 'everything is inside the cricket field'


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The controversy evoked in the incident where square leg umpire called the second bouncer of the last over a ‘no’ ball but the umpire in the bowling end ruled it out.

In the tense equation of requiring 12 runs in 4 deliveries, a ‘no ball’ with a free hit ministered a world of difference to both the teams. Heated Shakib Al Hasan called off Mahmudullah Riyad and Rubel Hossain from the field.

In the post-match press briefing, Shakib Al Hasan shrunk off the question marks threw at him, said, “There was such a good match, let’s talk about that! 40 more overs were there leaving out that single over!”

Then the Bangladesh skipper poured the incident, “By that time, the square leg umpire called a ‘no ball’ and then both the umpires caste that away after discussion. It did not seem right to me. Yes mistakes could happen. We should proceed further as a team.”

“Outside the field, Bangladesh and Sri Lankan cricketers are good friends; there is an amiable relationship between boards of these two countries. But in the field, I want my team to win in any means; I would whatever necessary to make my team win. But that was everything inside the cricket field,” Shakib said.

Bangladesh will play India in the final of the Nidahas Trophy 2018 on 18th of this month.

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