Shakib stands with Rohingya people

Nasser prefers Shakib over StokesThe world media and people are currently talking about Rohingya issue. Recently the brutality of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar took the breath away of everyone. To save own life they are fleeing to Bangladesh leaving own motherland where the dead bodies of their relatives were left. [নিউজটি বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ রোহিঙ্গাদের পাশে সাকিব আল হাসান]

In this critical situation many of the world famous stars and people have come ahead to stand beside Rohingya people. This time world number one All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan comes shoulder to shoulder to stand with the victims.

In a video clip he sent an open message to everyone to stay beside Rohingya people.
Shakib has been working with UNICEF- Children Welfare Program since 2013.

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This Sunday in a video message uploaded from the official Facebook page Shakib said, “I am currently in Rohingya camp. I have come here with UNICEF. I have roamed around the camp and watched the intolerable sufferings of them. I want everyone to help these people.”

Rohingyas need more help, he thinks and said, “I know that help and reliefs are coming from different countries and Bangladesh is also trying her best. Sill they need more. Here numbers of woman and children is too high. For this reason your help is needed. To help them you may go to the website of UNICEF and click the Donate button. I expect that you would help.”

From the last days of August, military of Myanmar started inhumanly oppression and genocide over them. This ethnic cleansing is been criticized and is expected to be stopped immediately. Diplomatic pressure is being created over them but Myanmar government is not paying heed to it. Thousands of people have already been killed brutally and according to UN almost half a million people fled to save life and got shelter in Bangladesh.

— Abu Sayem Dosar

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